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Donutland is a hollow planet, shaped like a donut, technically a ring torus. The external surface of Donutland is called the Outside. The internal surface is called the Inside.

At its axis, Donutland has a sun/moon, which flips inside out every twelve hours providing alternating lightday and nightday to the half of the Outside called the Sunside. The half of the Outside that doesn’t receive any light is called the Darkside.

The Ubbles live on the Sunside while the Ingies live on the Inside of Donutland.

 Xyzab, an Ubble, has been exiled from Scrabble village after one prank too many. He sets out to see the world with his friend Seria. They have wonderful adventures on the way, flying the skies with Flapper, the flying machine, riding the Loop Train, and falling into the Perpetual River, as they battle the evil witch Zzz to save the Inside from going dark forever.

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